Authentication Required or Access Denied - General/Parallel Proxy Servers

If you’re experiencing problems connecting to your Proxy Servers and receiving 'Authentication Required' or 'Access Denied’ error messages, it's likely that you can't access your servers due to one of these three reasons:

1) Your static IP address whitelist needs to be updated. 

If you’re set to authenticate by static IP address whitelist it may be that your ISP provides you with an IP address which has changed recently, or that you’re trying to connect to the servers from a new location. In either case, you're trying to access the servers from an IP address that's not on your whitelist. 

To view and change the IP address/es on your whitelist head to ‘Modify IP Whitelisting'.

Here you can view the IP address you’re connecting from and make any changes necessary to your whitelist. 

If you receive a message stating “Static IP Authentication not enabled for this account” then jump to #2.

If your whitelist is up-to-date and you still can’t access your servers, jump to #3.

2) You’re using incorrect username/password credentials.

When we set up your server account we emailed your server username and password to you, so please check that you’re using the correct credentials. If you’ve misplaced them, please open a support ticket and we can provide them to you.

If you know your current password and wish to reset it, you can do so through ‘Modify Proxy Password'.

If you’re using the correct username/password and still can’t access your servers, jump to #3.

3) Your account may be suspended.

If you have a late, unpaid invoice your service may have been suspended. You can check your invoices here.

Any suspended accounts are reactivated manually after payment has been received. If your service has been suspended and your invoice has been paid then you will need to let our billing team know.

For any further assistance please open a support ticket.
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