What is SHP, and why do you issue hostname addresses?

Instead of providing IPv4 addresses we have a system in place called Self-Healing Proxy Servers (SHP).

We issue these so that if we detect a problem with a server requiring it to be replaced, or you report a problem to us, we can easily switch out the underlying server, you keep the same hostname and you won’t need to change anything in your software.

An SHP hostname address for Proxy Server Cloud servers looks like this:

cld-<two letter country code>-<4 character unique identifier>


two letter country code: helps you identify where a server is located (for example, US, UK, DE).

4 character unique identifier: Is an identifier for that specific server.

You should be able to use these with no problems in your software, but if you require any assistance please open a support ticket and we’ll help you as best we can.

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